Stone Breaker is open source. Check it out here.



Stone Breaker is ad-free, however building and maintaining the app and this website take up a lot of time and money. Support the developer via Paypal Here.


Built With Firebase

Stone Breaker is built on Firebase's mobile app development platform. Stone Breaker also runs on the Google Cloud Platform. See more here.

About The App

Stone Breaker uses Google Firebase Machine Learning to analyze faces, recognize landmarks, find smiles, and label images. This app also includes a QR Code Reader that implements Google Cloud Vision API technology for fast readings. Also included is a Random Password generator. Stone Breaker features all of this while being Ad-free! Being among the first apps to fully implement features of the Firebase Machine Learning Kit. Stone Breaker is a trailblazer in bringing powerful Machine Learning technology to your phone! Stone Breaker also makes select features open-source. The Password Generator and Face Analyzer are both available on GitHub. Stone Breaker’s version of Face Analyzer gives more information about the face in the photo to the user; originally it gave the probability of a smile and percentage each eye was open. This version gives the image location of every major facial feature. Of course, features are always being improved upon so stay tuned!